Dear friends,

Each competitor at the World ARDF Championships will receive a free sport T-shirt for running produced by SIVEN.

Specially designed for the WORLD ARDF Championships in Albena, Bulgaria the O’Top model of SIVEN which is very suitable for running is the perfect choice for being modern and well prepared at the same time. It is made from high quality fabric which ensures you maximum comfort while wearing. The O’Top is very light and also durable for the densest areas of the map. Quick drying and fast reducing the moisture is the least you can expect. Wearing the ARDF SIVEN O’Top model will not make you a World champion but you will be pretty close to that.

The competitors paid their starting fees and application in the championship till 15th of June will have the privilege their names and national flag to be printed on the T-shirt.

ARDF_bluza 1
The quests and other applicants can order the same T-shirts for the sum 19.5 EUR.
Please send your orders not later than 20th of July. It wouldn’t be possible to order T-shirt with labels (names, national flag i.e.) after 20th of July.

In addition each competitor can order a set of running jackets and running tights according to the attached design at the following prices:

  • running jacket  – 29.50 EUR
  • running tights – 15.50 EUR
  • running T-shirts – 19.50 EUR

SKITSA _Samara dolnishte djoging _v2.cdr

Bellow is the table with the sizes.


Screenshot from 2016-06-24 15-59-49


Screenshot from 2016-06-24 15-59-54


Screenshot from 2016-06-24 15-59-57